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Pricing Details

Prices effective January 1, 2022

Rush Fee: A 20% rush fee will be applied to all returns if all information required to complete the return is not submitted to us within 15 days of any tax filing deadline.

Form/Schedule Description Price
Form 1040 & State Individual Federal & One State Tax Return $279.99
Form 1040 w/o State Individual Federal & No State Tax Return $179.99
Additional State Return Additional State Return (Per State) $75
City/Local Filings Individual Local Tax Return (Per Return) $75
Form 1040 Extension - Detailed Detailed Processing To Approximate Tax Liability Based On Available Information $150
Form Extension - Simple All Zeroes Reported to Avoid Late Filing Penalty $75
Rush Fee Within 15 Days of Any Filing Deadline 20%
Amended Federal Return 1040 Federal Amended Return (Per Year) $275
Amended State Return Amended State Return (Per Year) $125
Additional W-2 Additional W-2 (If More Than 1 Per Return) $25
Form 1099 1099 (Per Form) $25
Form 1099B 1099B (Per Entry on Form 1099B) $35
Stimulus Stimulus Payment Reporting $25
Child Tax Credit Child Tax Credit Reporting (Per Child) $35
Form 2441 Child & Dependent Care Expenses (Per Provider) $30
Education Education Credits (Per Child and/or Institution) $30
Form 1098-E Student Loan Reporting (Per Form) $35
Form 8959 Additional Medicare Tax $75
Alimony Alimony Reporting $40
Schedule A Itemized Deductions $75
Form 8283 Schedule A Non-Cash Donations > $500 $30
Schedule C Sole Proprietorship (Per Business) $125
Form 8829 Business Use of Home (Per Business) $50
Home Sale - Gain Sale of Primary Residence With Capital Gain $75
Home Sale - No Gain Sale of Primary Residence if No Capital Gain $25
Schedule E - Rental Rental Property (Per Property/Unit) $100
Schedule E Supplemental Income and Loss $100
Rental Property Sale - In State Sale of Rental Property - In Same State as Primary Residence $150
Rental Property Sale - Out of State Sale of Rental Property - In Different State as Primary Residence $250
Form 8936 EV Credit - FED Federal Qualified EV Credit $75
EV Credit - STATE State Qualified EV Credit $50
Moving Moving Expense Deduction For State $30
Form 8606 IRA Contributions $35
K-1 Filing K-1 Filing $100
RSU - Simple RSU/ESPP/ESOP (Per Source Document, Even if Listed on W2) $75
RSU - Complex RSU/ESPP/ESOP (Per Source Document, Even if Listed on W2) - Complex $150
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Reporting (Per Report) $45
Cryptocurrency - Complex Cryptocurrency Reporting (Complex Transactions) $75
Form 8316 Request Refund of FICA Tax $150
First Year Choice First Year Choice Election (Per Taxpayer) $150
Foreign Income Foreign Income - Foreign Bank Only (Per Account) $35
FBAR Foreign Bank Account Reporting (up to 4 Bank Accounts) $65
Form 8938 - FATCA Foreign Financial Assets > $50K $150
Form 3520 Reporting of Foreign Gifts $125
Foreign - MI/PT Foreign Mortgage Interest/Property Tax (Per Property) $125
Form 8621 Reporting of Foreign Mutual Funds PFIC (Per Account) $50
Foreign Rental Income Foreign Rental Income/Expense (Per Property) $150
Form 1042-S Foreign Source Income Subject to Withholding (Per Form) $45
Form 8843 Statement For Exempt Individuals $50
Form 1116 Foreign Tax Credit $25
Business Returns 1065, 1120C, 1120S - Based on Complexity of Return -- Starting at $799.99
Hourly Rate IRS/State Letter Responses, General Inquiries & Assistance $125
Paper File Fee (Rather Than PDF/eFile) $75
Processing Fee For Disorganized Supporting Documentation -- Starting at $75
Best Case Analysis "What If" & "Best Filing Status" Analysis $125