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Who Are We?

Taxes Served is an on-demand platform that allows individuals and small businesses to upload pictures of their basic tax information from a mobile device or desktop and connects them with a tax professional who renders those services.

Our Prices

Our Digitialized Approach

Step 1

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User Login

User Logs into our platform and enters his or her basic information to assess their tax situation.

Step 2

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Uploads Tax Forms

User digitally uploads their Tax Forms from mobile device or desktop to our secure server.

Step 3

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Files Secured

Tax files are securely encrypted on our Severs and decrypted once sent to our tax professional.

Step 4

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Connect with a Tax Expert

Tax professional communicates tax strategy for getting the most money possible.

Step 5

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Tax Return Received

Once client agrees with tax strategy then the taxes will be filed. Money will be deposited into your account once taxes are accepted.

“The NEW way to file your taxes”

Why Taxes Served?

National Tax Experts

Customers will be paired with a Tax Professional in their Region.

Upload Taxes on Mobile Device

Upload your taxes on your mobile device by capturing a picture image.

Pricing Model

Cost you $0! Fees will be automatically deducted once you receive your tax return.

Guarantee Highest Return

Guaranteed to deliver the highest tax return from our tax professionals.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and we will provide a discount toward your tax filings.

Accessible on Desktop and Mobile Device.

Accessible on Desktop and Mobile Device.